Who am I?

I am an Italian student passionate about science in all its aspects, I live in Genoa
I am currently specializing in thermodynamics and fluid dynamicsm.

In my spare time I study computer science by developing several opensource projects.

What do I do?

Stirling Engine

I'm studying the Stirling engine both from a theoretical point of view and from a construction point of view.
I am particularly interested in the Stirling engine because it is a completely closed thermodynamic cycle, I love its simple and clean design.


Recently I became interested in DLang by developing some projects, maintaining the DLang Snap packages and trying to contribute a little to this great language.


I have always been interested in the Telegram platform, after developing a TDLib Java wrapper I am currently studying Telegram interfacing with a DLang wrapper.

Contact me

Telegram profile: t.me/ErnyCs